The North Lancs DJ Collective is a group of Soul music lovers whose taste spreads across all genres and across all eras of Soul music. That’s what makes our Festival different and so special.

From its humble beginnings decades ago, Soul music has evolved and morphed in style, tempo, instrumentation and format, and many of our DJ’s have followed this same journey.

So whether you prefer 50’s & 60’s RNB, Motown, 70’s Northern or Disco, 80’s Smooth Grooves and Club Classics, 90’s Hip Hop or The Noughties Modern Soul through to contemporary releases, you’ll always find something to suit your taste in one of our 3 rooms over the 3 days!

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You’ll also be able to listen to all formats so whether vinyl singles or albums, CD or electronic downloads, ALL Soul music will be available to be played.

In our Collectors Room, we encourage our DJ’s to play some lesser known tracks not necessarily aimed at the dance floor but for your aural pleasure too, and our daytime Chill-Out sessions will certainly help with recovery from the dancefloor exploits from the previous evening!

The North Lancs DJ Collective - bless ‘em. We couldn’t do it without them.

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Welcome Party

Friday 18th May 2018

from 12noon to 2am

Lower Temple

Across the Board Soul, Wakey Classics, Jazz Funk, Arthur Miles Live PA, 70's Crossover, Club Classics 80's-00

Central Temple

Collectors Soul, Album Trackin’ & Soulful House & Dance/NuDisco Monsters

Higher Temple

Northern Funk, Northern Wheel, MVP Soul, Wheel Classics, Northern Mecca

Celebration Saturday

Saturday 19th May 2018

from 12noon to 3am

Lower Temple

Across The Board Soul, Disco Classics, Commercial 70's, RedBar Classics, Seaside Soul, Motown & Northern, Arthur Miles Live PA, Northern Classics

Central Temple

Caledonian Soul, TSOP, Album Trackin’, ChillOut Soul, Latin Jazz, Classic Jazz Funk, NuJazz & Soulful House

Higher Temple

70's Funk, SistaSoul, 70's Crossover, Dance Anthems, Funky Dance Anthems

Cocktail Sunday

Sunday 20th May 2018

from 12noon to 1am

Lower Temple

Contemporary Soul, Classic Dance, Classic Dance, Across The Board Farewell Soul Party

Central Temple

60's Soul, Mod Classics, Northern & Crossover, Motown Chartbusters, Motown Floorfillers, Funky Northern, Northern Soul, Northern Classics